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Past Event
April , 2024
[ Thailand Toy Expo 2023 ]



So Happy to meet our art toy collectors in this show !
Also, we are honored to be able to invite the designer of Art Junkie & TUNABOY, Mr. Shinichiro Kato to hold an autograph session at our booth.

We are so looking forward to meet again! See you next year !

September , 2022
[ Dcon London & ToyArtUK]



In September, we were so excited to meet our art toy collectors in two art toy shows in UK - Dcon London & ToyArtUK Art Toy Show. The interaction with the UK designers is just a blast!!!

The collaborated concepts, the chemistry and the possibilities~


we are so looking forward to meet again!

1- 31 August , 2022
[ AMAZ x M+ Main Shop ]

Art Toy Lovers,


Despite the quarantine or whatsoever the COVID brought us, we are dying to get travel for some good vibes!!! How about a short visit to the Hong Kong local art museum in this summer. 


Our collaborated projects with Animals The Strangeness, Classicbot, and Tinbot The Collectibles have been exhibiting in M+ Main Shop in this August 2022. It is our honored to be involved in this event organized by AMAZ & M+ Museum. Some of the art pieces are even selling exclusively there!


M+ Main Shop

38th Museum Drive, West Kowloon, Hong Kong


Operating hours:

Mon: Closed

Tues-Thurs: 11am-7pm

Fri: 11am-10pm

Sat-Sun: 11am-7pm

18-28  November, 2021
Shinichiro AJ KATO Solo Exhibition
"Light and Hope"

Our Japan designer brand "Art Junkie" is holding a solo exhibition in 13A New Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong in 18 -28, November. The giant Inscape exclusive Rainbow Chrome TUNABOY (50cm Height), G.I.D pastel Tin Can TUNABOY as well as the G.I.D Blue TUNABOY are displayed inside this show! Don't miss this chance to visit our Art Toy Products!

show photo.jpg
Modern and Contemporary
Art Section
@Taiwan (Kaohsiung)
18-21 November, 2021

One of our designer brand "Animals" was invited to join the FU YI Gallery in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Animals's illustration art works as well as the BiBiBu Art Toy Figure (Pink) were displayed in the Modern and Contemporary Art Section inside the gallery.


Thanks all the Taiwan Fans come to visit us!

10 -11  July, 2021
Inscape Show at Kwun Tong

We have just finished our first show in Kwun Tong at 10-11 July. It was so happy to see you in the show .

Inscape Show Product
Inscape Produce Items
Work In Process Items
More Show Photos
18  July, 2021
Summer Soul 2021 HK

It was our first time to take part in the famous TOYSOUL and we were so happy to meet our "TUNABOY TIN" fans during the show. It was a Glow in dark product with tin can packaging. We had our inscape exclusive products including Imitation Wood Craft BIBIBU , Neon Light SAFE and Rainbow Chrome O-MEOW exposed at this time as well! More inscape produced products will be released in the future show, so don't miss any our upcoming news from our instagram!

show photo.png
2 - 31 July, 2021
OFF - BlACK Exhibition

TOYSTATION proudly presents the OFF-BLACK exhibition in collaboration with #000000 Sammi Cafe and 13 renowned Hong Kong artists and illustrators. #000000 is the code for black color, which is also the theme for this exhibition comprising paintings and art toys in black. 13 Hong Kong artists and illustrators are invited to present their art work in the exhibition, with their own style and perception to black color.
Venue: #000000 Shop C&E, G/F, Wanson House, 115 Market Street, Tsuen Wan

April 9 - April 11, 2021
Nude Toy Salon Show at D2 Place!

We had just finished our booth show at D2 Place which held by NUDE TOY SALON! We met a lot of creative Toy makers and incredible art toys at the show. Thanks for coming and visiting us there! We are now going to invite you to come to our next show - The Inscape Show, which will be held at Kwun Tong in July.

Please keep an eye on our latest news from Instagram!

February 27 - March 10, 2021
K11 Art Mall Exhibition !

This is definitely our pleasure to be one of the parties involved in this pop-up store event in K11 Art Mall in the first quarter of this year! Special thanks to Popcorn Supply x Toy station for providing such a good platform for us to introducing our blind boxes to our fans in Hong Kong! Among the blind boxes, our collaborated brands such as Animals, ART JUNKIE, BIGCLAWS, BitBit Forest, Spookyworks can also be found in this show!

Saturday, February 6, 2021
Animal Resistance is now in PMQ !!

Animal Resistance will be exhibited in PMQ Block B, H313 between February 6th and March 31st, 2021. The exhibition, connectere 2.0 Dreamatic, consist of art pieces of designers expressing their thought of Dreams!!! Tommy Yue, the designer of Animal Resistance, will feature some of his hand sketches and his Animals characters BiBiBu & SAFE along with his thoughts of Dreams & Animal Resistance~

Friday, November 20, 2020
2020 Taipei Toy Festival

It was such a pleasure to present our upcoming projects showcase in the Taipei Toy Festival 2020. Special thanks to our collaborative brands: Animals, ART JUNKIE, BitBit Forrest, BIGCLAWX, Classicbot, CROSSXOVER, Tinbot Collectibles, Underthepillow. More artists brand & collaboration coming up in the next show. Thank you so much for our fans visiting our showcase. 

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